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Soft vs. Hard Contact Lenses: Which Is Right for You?

Once patients decide that contact lenses are the way to go, they will need to consider whether to go for soft or hard contact lenses. Both types have advantages and disadvantages.

How Often Should You Change Your Prescription Glasses?

Around three decades ago, glasses were not a pretty thing to have on your face. They came to be associated with many stereotypes that were not very attractive. People put up with wearing them, often at the cost of self-esteem. The times have changed. Today, glasses have become something more. They can now be a fashion piece, an expression of personality, or a statement piece on top of correcting vision. Now, many people look forward to getting new glasses.

What Are Progressive Lenses, and Who Should Wear Them?

Your vision connects you to the world around you. As you grow older, it may change, and you may have trouble reading or seeing objects up close. You try store-bought readers, but they do not resolve the problem. You decide to see an eye doctor, and they suggest you get progressive lenses. Here is a look at what they are and who should wear them.

Do You Need an Exam When Switching from Glasses to Contact Lenses?

Whether you are a regular glasses-wearer switching to contact lenses or someone new to prescription eyewear considering the alternative of contacts, you will need to have a separate examination specifically for contact lenses.

What to Consider When Buying Designer Eyewear

Eyeglasses are necessary for vision correction, but they can also be favorite accessories for fashion-conscious buyers. Like shopping for outfits, it is vital to think about style, material, and fitting when buying eyewear. 

What Happens During a Contact Lens Exam?

If you have been told that you need to wear prescription eyewear in order to improve the quality and clarity of your vision, you’ll have an important choice to make – what type of prescription eyewear to choose. While glasses remain the most popular choice, the benefits associated with contact lenses mean that an increasing number of patients are choosing to switch to contacts or to use them alongside their glasses. Some of the reasons why people are swapping to contact lenses include less interference with their appearance and greater convenience, particularly for those who like to play sports.

At What Age Is It Ok To Start Wearing Contacts?

Children can develop the need to wear prescription eyewear at a very young age. If your child needs support with their vision, it’s crucially important that they wear their corrective eyewear. Not only will this ensure that they can access learning properly and achieve their academic potential, but they will also be able to interact with their peers normally too.

Lens Technology: How to Choose the Best Lenses for your Eyeglasses

Prescription lenses offer so much more than just enabling you to see clearly. Many people are surprised to learn that in addition to putting a great deal of thought into which frames they will choose, there are also a wide variety of different types of lenses and lens technologies that can alter and improve their vision.

How to Pick the Best Glasses for Your Face

So, you need a pair of glasses. Whether you’ve never had glasses before, or you are simply looking for a change, for many people, choosing the right glasses is the hardest part of the whole process. After all, with so many different styles to choose from, how do you know which will suit you the most?

Digital Screen Protection: Blue Light Lenses

Sitting for many hours staring at a PC screen can leave you feeling unfocused and tense. It can also cause you to experience a pounding headache that will make you feel irritated and tired. You will not experience these feelings just because a co-worker upset or frustrated you. Rather, they will most likely stem from something known as blue light.

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