At What Age Is It Ok To Start Wearing Contacts?

At What Age Is It Ok To Start Wearing Contacts?

At What Age Is It Ok To Start Wearing Contacts?

At What Age Is It Ok To Start Wearing Contacts?

Children can develop the need to wear prescription eyewear at a very young age. If your child needs support with their vision, it’s crucially important that they wear their corrective eyewear. Not only will this ensure that they can access learning properly and achieve their academic potential, but they will also be able to interact with their peers normally too.


Why Consider Contact Lenses Over Glasses?


There are a number of reasons why children (and their parents) may look to contact lenses as an alternative to wearing glasses.


  • Contact lenses don’t alter their appearance, so they won’t need to worry about being teased or disliking the way that they look

  • They won’t have to remember to take their glasses with them or worry about losing or breaking them

  • Your child can enjoy a full field of vision that isn’t interrupted by glasses frames

  • Contact lenses make it easier to enjoy a fuller range of sporting activities that may be restricted to people who wear glasses


However, one of the most common questions that we are asked is how old a child needs to be in order to start wearing contact lenses.


What Kid Is A Good Candidate For Contact Lenses?


The truth is that there are no definitive rules when it comes to how old a child should be when they can wear and enjoy the benefits of contact lenses. Instead, parents and eye doctors are recommended to assess the suitability of a child on a case-by-case basis. Some of the things that they will want to take into consideration will include:


Can They Put In And Remove The Lenses Themselves?


While it’s not unheard of for parents to help children with their contact lenses, if they are going to wear them with any regularity, they do need to be able to put them in and remove them without any additional support. Your eye doctor may be able to supply a generic pair of contact lenses for them to try and practice with before you commit to purchasing.


Can You Rely On Your Child To Practice Good Hand Hygiene?


Hand hygiene is so important when it comes to contact lenses since putting them in and removing them requires touching your eyes. If your child doesn’t practice good hand hygiene, they could potentially transfer harmful bacteria into their eyes, putting them at risk of infection and other problems. You and your eye doctor should both feel satisfied that your child can commit to remembering to washing their hands properly before they touch their eyes every single time.


Contact Lens Care


Depending on the type of contact lenses your child will be using, they may need to take special care of their lenses overnight. Longer wear lenses are usually stored in a container of cleaning solution while your child sleeps. If this is the variety they will use, you’ll want to be sure that they know how to take care of their contacts properly. Failing to do so could put them at risk of immediate and long-term eye problems.



If you would like to make an appointment to discuss the possibility of your child wearing contact lenses, please call Sturgeon’s Optical in Barboursville, West Virginia at (304) 245-9300.

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