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We fit all brands of contact lenses – As an independent company and not affiliated with a specific optical corporation, tied to a chain company or in bed with a particular eye care insurance entity we are fortunate to not be tied down to certain brands and designs of contact lenses we can sell or fit.

We are very fortunate to have a vast experience in both evaluation and fitting of contact lenses, Our eye doctor goes to great lengths to work with our first-time patients and those hard to fit folks who are very brand-specific.

Dealing with all the problems associated with the successful wearing of contacts is our specialty. We take it as a challenge to find the right lenses and designs for each individual patient. Everyone is unique and has unique requirements for a satisfaction fit and good patient to doctor banter is a necessity often avoided by most practices.

We fit gas permeable and soft contacts, both spherical and toric lenses for astigmatic correction. We fit bifocal contacts for presbyopia.

After your evaluation and examination you’ll be given an eyeglass prescription, (it is recommended that contact lens wearers also have a set of eyeglasses to wear as a back up and as a device to use occasionally to give your eyes an opportunity to rest and heal) and one or more sets of trial contact lenses to use so the doctor can verify what lens design and brand beat works for you and then you will be given a brand-specific contact lens prescription that will be good for two years.

If you are a long-time successful contact lens wearer and already have a brand that is working well for you there is obviously no reason to rock the cart, so we will be happy to write you a prescription on the day of your visit (good for two years).

Remember, it is the job of your doctor to monitor your progress as a contact lens wearer and peoples environments can change, usage and limits can alter a person adaptation or lack of adaptation and problems can crop up that require immediate attention so we implore people to keep the dialog active and all changes well noted.

Occasionally we will discount the $75.00 prescription part of the normal contact lens examination charges and only charge a fitting fee of $50.00. This is generally done if a person has a current eyeglass prescription, less than one year old and have worn contact lenses regularly. This service will require a consultation process prior to the fitting.

​​​​​​​We fill everyone’s contact lens prescriptions and have a strong established contact lens database of customers who simply phone in their orders and the lenses are either available to be picked up conveniently in our office or are dropped shipped directly to their home. All Insurance info is kept in our databases and automatically billed if the benefits are available and customers either call or contact our office via e-mail or social media and they are notified when they come in. Our office is very conveniently located on a highly traveled route just off an Interstate exchange so many people find it extremely handy to just phone in their order and pick it up in a couple of days


There are so many contact lens brands and designs on the market today it would be silly to name them, most people will only recognize a few. Many of the large optical retailers, chain stores and corporate entities have also bought up the rights to certain brands and are selling them as a store named lenses so it can be very confusing, even to the professionals. We sell any lens that is available to an independent retailer to sell and some of the identifiable brands are:

  • Acuvue: Oasys, Vita, Presbyopia, Astigmatism, 2, True Eye one a day, Oasys with Transition

  • Biofinity: Energys, Extended Wears, Multifocals

  • Air Optix: Hydro, Night and Days, Colors, Astigmatism, Presbyopia

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