About Us

Our company prides itself on having the greatest selection of frames in the area and as independent from a corporate office we can order a frame from almost any manufacturer so a customer selection is nearly limitless, many of the frames our customers choose come directly from internet sales. We normally stock over 1000 frames in store and all the most current name brands are featured.

Using a customers frames – Is standard here and there are no pressure sales to try and get people to purchase a new frame if they are content with the one they are wearing and it is sufficient to accept new lenses we are happy to do so, the frame you are wearing is evaluated, reconditioned and inspected. Many of the parts of a frame are replaceable or capable of being reconditioned.

Antique and Vintage frames can also be used to hold your new prescription, grandma’s and grandpa’s old frames are often repurposed for new prescriptions and vintage eyewear is big in fashion today. The frames of the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s are purchased online and brought into our office to have a prescription fitted to them. We also carry a good many of these older frames in store. Most retailers will not fill this service because of corporate policies.


Repairing and reconditioning of old or broken frames is one of our specialties, We not only have all the tools and equipment to do this type of service but we also have the expertise and trained staff to do it right. We solder metal and mend plastic. We have the ability to add nose pads to a frame that did not come with them, extend temple sizes, replace the hinges on many plastic frames.

Polishing and Tinting

We still provide these in house lab services often while a person waits.


We also do all our own engraving of lenses in office and offer a wide variety of special designs and simulated logos.


If it’s made we either have them or we can get them, we challenge you to come in our office and ask about a product we are not familiar with and if by chance you do have one, we will research it for you and learn as much as we can so we can include it in our accessories portfolio. It is why we have been in business for 50 plus years and we intend on staying at the top of new technologies and trends.

Sport and Safety Eye Wear

We are the areas #1 Quality Safety eye care center, contracted to make safety glasses for a lot of the areas factories and businesses that require safety glasses, we stay abreast of the newest laws and requirements and inventory the widest selection of safety frames in the Tri-State We also provide the most modern sport glasses for school athletes, law enforcement and the general public and combine the function with the lens technologies that produce the best performance possible taking sport glasses from a necessity to enhancement of whatever activity a person endeavors to master.

Children’s Eye Wear

It is another specialty we challenge ourselves to be the best at. “There is perhaps nothing more satisfying than to fit a 6-month-old baby in glasses and work with them over the years and then one day, before you can believe, they drive up on their own and get fit for contact lenses. This is something that has happened so many times over the last fifty years and now we are seeing many of these children’s grandkids. It makes you feel old, but it’s very rewarding”.


Well now there is so much that could be said about sun lens technologies that you could fill a book, and the subject literally grows daily. It is truly a business all of its own and we try to stay on top of all the new coatings and designs by research and education. Our lens labs can fabricate all the new stuff and many of the coatings can now be applied directly to your prescription lenses.

Polarized lenses can not only relieve eye strain and help you see that fish swimming just below the glare of the water surface, but they are also being used to alleviate seizures for some patients with light-induced type seizures.

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